Be part of a bright journey

Looking to the future of our company

The future is exciting, full of new technologies, new ambitions and new opportunities. Lighting is the core of our business, and we plan to continue offering a wide range of relevant, quality solutions through a multi-brand and multichannel approach. We believe that our vision, mission and values empower us as we work towards a bright and successful tomorrow.

Our vision

Our vision for the future is clear: we are a global leader in providing future-proof lighting solutions. We will maintain this position by tracking global trends and innovations, by creating the ideal lighting ambience, and by working with the right partners who can add value to our strategy. We are committed to a sustainable supply chain and quality management systems.

Our mission

Everything we do supports our mission of developing quality lighting and providing first-class service to our customers. We stay at the forefront of global trends, creating innovative designs that utilise the latest technologies and brighten our customers’ lives.

Our values

We implement our vision and mission by living our values – Passion, Responsibility, Respect and Reliability.


We are passionate about bringing quality light to people around the world with our best-in-class products, solutions and customer service.


We are fully accountable for our actions and their consequences, as can be seen with our commitment to the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility.


We appreciate the people around us, respecting their rights and embracing and nurturing cultural diversity in all the markets in which we operate.


Trust and reliability are form a vital foundation that enables our other values to grow. We monitor quality closely throughout the entire value chain so that we always deliver products of consistent quality that our customers can rely on.