On course for growth

As an international holding company, SLV Lighting Group continuously develops its brands and business units. The five brands are united under a resilient business model that preserves the economic stability and resilience of the business operations whilst also ensuring constant growth. The SLV Lighting Group creates synergies: the brands in the corporate group benefit with and among each other from economies of scale and the exchange of know-how. They are thus optimally positioned and can concentrate entirely on their strengths and competences. Our regionally anchored business units are close to the market, understand the respective legalities, and are very well networked among themselves.  We can act quickly and with an entrepreneurial mindset to serve the demands and trends of the ever-changing market and continue to be successful.

Maximise your full potential even during times of crisis

The SLV Lighting Group serves as a value creation platform for brands, enabling them to focus on their strength and weaknesses in order to reach their full potential. It’s a model that pays off! As a group, we can score points even in difficult times thanks to our resilient business model and satisfy our customers’ requirements at all times.

Facts and Figures