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SLV Lighting Group brands

SLV Lighting Group is one of Europe’s leading lighting companies, with over 650 employees in 13 countries. The Group provides professional lighting solutions for both residential and commercial settings (indoor as well as outdoor).

Inspired by German engineering, SLV quickly grew from its roots in Übach-Palenberg, Germany, to open 11 foreign subsidiaries, and began shipping professional luminaires to over 100 countries around the world.

Today, SLV is a global leader in providing future-proof lighting solutions. The B2B brand focuses on balancing innovative technology, modern design and customer-friendly prices, while offering first-class service and high quality to its customers.

With its focus on the British and Irish markets, ML Accessories (the Knightsbridge brand) has evolved into a major player, supplying over 3,000 quality products, including wiring accessory and innovative lighting.

Knightsbridge is passionate about developing innovative, smart and stylish solutions that ensure ambience and functionality in any residential or commercial space.

Since its foundation in 2006, Nordtronic has been recognised in the Nordic countries for its high-quality and future-proofed downlights and Nordic-oriented portfolio. Its product range is constantly evolving―based on customer feedback―to ensure innovative solutions that are sustainable, energy efficient and extremely easy to install.

Nordtronic was acquired by SLV in 2016.

Novalux has been pushing the boundaries of innovation and delivering high-quality lighting since 1948, when it was established in Italy. By focusing on developing innovative, customisable and cutting-edge solutions for commercial applications, the company offers unique ways to use light to create the right ambience and experience for our customers. Now managed by the founder’s grandson, the brand is proud to continue this mission as part of SLV Lighting Group.

The Swiss brand UNEX, established in 1973, offers a range of high-quality LED strip-, profile and commercial lighting. From its headquarters in Zurich, the company manufactures its own product range, develops tailor-made and customised solutions, and acts as a lighting consultant for projects across Switzerland.

UNEX was acquired by SLV Lighting Group in 2014.