Actively pursuing social and ecological responsibility – with the new CSR Manual

23. September 2021

The lighting manufacturer’s CSR Manual describes its social and environmental CSR commitments with regard to labor practices, human rights, the environment, fair operating practices, consumer concerns, and community involvement and development. The SLV Lighting Group aims to use the CSR Manual to make all stakeholders aware of these issues and to drive sustainability forward. It is an initial step within the CSR awareness and integration program of the SLV Lighting Group, which will be followed by training and specific audits across the global value chain.

By voluntarily implementing corporate social responsibility, the SLV Lighting Group integrates social and environmental concerns into its business activities and interactions with stakeholders. “For responsible growth, we consider CSR to be a balanced interaction between environmental, social and economic aspects,” says Eric Lachambre, CEO of the SLV Lighting Group.

Sustainability as a corporate goal

As early as 2020, the SLV Lighting Group presented its sustainability strategy, which it pursues in all product solutions and business processes. For example, SLV GmbH, a company and brand of the SLV Lighting Group, is replacing increasingly scarce primary raw materials with recycled secondary raw materials in product manufacturing. In addition, the company is consistently reducing packaging waste and transport emissions. With its commitment to CSR, the SLV Lighting Group is systematizing its social responsibility initiatives within the framework of ISO 26000. The entire CSR Manual is now available to employees, suppliers and customers.

To the CSR Manual

About the SLV Lighting Group

The SLV Lighting Group GmbH is a leading company in the lighting industry, with headquarters in Düsseldorf and around 670 employees in 17 national companies. The five brands Nordtronic, Novalux, Unex Lighting, Knightsbridge and SLV, each bring something unique to the group – from easy-to-install luminaires to high-quality, customized lighting solutions. The respective brands develop innovative and future-proof lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor use. The wide range of products covers the most diverse needs in the private and commercial sector.

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