SLV GmbH takes over Spotline sp. Z o. O

02. March 2021

The German lighting specialist has taken over the Polish company Spotline sp. Z o. O from its previous shareholders. Poland is for SLV a key market in its Eastern Europe strategy and the take-over will enable SLV to turn a trustful partner into a dedicated subsidiary to be able to answer the requirements of our international customers directly.

Soon, the legal name and the brand Spotline will be transformed into SLV. Existing customers will be served through our new Polish subsidiary as before. Also, the team remains in place going forward under the management of Bartłomiej Sroczyński. In the official handover, SLV GmbH thanked the former partners Mariusz Sroczyński and Iwona Sroczyńska for their commitment and wished them every success in their other ventures.

Spotline has been the dedicated partner for SLV in Poland for more than 20 years. Its headquarters is located in Ożarów Mazowiecki (Warsaw).

About SLV

As both a company and brand of the SLV Lighting Group, SLV GmbH is a leading supplier of lighting and lighting solutions. Its products are used in private homes, hotels, and restaurants, as well as in offices and in the commercial sector. The company’s central warehouse with 18,500 m² of space is also located in the German town of Übach-Palenberg near Aachen, from where quality luminaires and lamps are shipped all over the world every day. SLV sees itself as a strong partner of the electrical industry and offers customized, innovative solutions for electricians, lighting designers, and architects. The BIG WHITE®, an impressive general catalog and standard work of the industry, is published annually.

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About the SLV Lighting Group

The SLV Lighting Group GmbH is a leading company in the lighting industry, with headquarters in Düsseldorf and around 670 employees in 17 national companies. The five brands Nordtronic, Novalux, Unex Lighting, Knightsbridge and SLV, each bring something unique to the group – from easy-to-install luminaires to high-quality, customized lighting solutions. The respective brands develop innovative and future-proof lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor use. The wide range of products covers the most diverse needs in the private and commercial sector.

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