SLV Lighting Group will be opening its new headquarters in Düsseldorf in April 2020

04. February 2020

We can proudly look back at huge successes and achievements for our business. Over the last few years, we were able to further increase our annual turnover. Sales growth was driven primarily by our international business and through acquisitions.

Our business is becoming increasingly international. With great effort, we are optimising our business model to achieve our long-term goal of sustainable and profitable growth and meet future needs, both nationally and internationally.

In doing so, we have to overcome various challenges, such as the optimal coordination of our international activities.

In order to address these challenges even better, SLV Lighting Group will soon be opening its new headquarters in Düsseldorf.

Going forward, SLV’s Executive Board and major group functions will be located in Düsseldorf. Our offices in Übach-Palenberg will remain the largest entity within the Group and the centre for local German activities, continuing to cater for all logistical and technical functions of the SLV brand.

The Düsseldorf office is expected to open in April 2020.

About the SLV Lighting Group

The SLV Lighting Group GmbH is a leading company in the lighting industry, with headquarters in Düsseldorf and around 670 employees in 17 national companies. The five brands Nordtronic, Novalux, Unex Lighting, Knightsbridge and SLV, each bring something unique to the group – from easy-to-install luminaires to high-quality, customized lighting solutions. The respective brands develop innovative and future-proof lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor use. The wide range of products covers the most diverse needs in the private and commercial sector.

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